Tips for Safe House

73760010092125_1_V235Security is essential for a home. Neglect safety and security at home can be fatal, especially before the Lebaran season like now.

There are several things that need to be considered in order to secure your home. The following list:

If Have Small Children

  • Make sure the closet doors, refrigerators, and other doors in the house have extra keys, that are not easily accessible to your toddler.
  • Attach additional carpet in your child’s room and play area.
  • Remove the cloth from the table, because it could have the children pull the tablecloth and spilling the entire contents of the table.
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Adjust Mask With Hair Types

Something that is not maintained it will cause adverse effects in later, as well as with parts of your body. Hair is one of the most important asset owned by any person, that is why the condition of the hair should be maintained in order to stay healthy and you can perform with captivating.

Sometimes even when you are cleaning the hair, it still raises some unwanted problems. Various issues, such as the hair becomes soft, branching, loss and dandruff shampoos that arise due to improper selection.

Supposedly shampoo, conditioner and all the hair care products you use according to hair type and needs. However, people often ignore them, so that the onset of the complaints and problems of the hair could not be avoided.

For that, try to choose a shampoo that is best suited for your hair type. It should also look at the content contained in the shampoo. Of the various types of hair there, check out some of these tips to determine the appropriate shampoo.
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Reduce Stress Short-Term Memory

Short-term stress lasting only a few hours can impair brain cell communication in some areas associated with learning and memory abilities. As stated by researchers from the University of California.

Severe stress lasting weeks or months can impair cell communication in the area of ​​learning and memory in the brain, but tersebit studies provide the first evidence that short-term stress has the same effect. The study published in the Journal of Neurosicence.

Stress continues to happen in our lives and can not be circumvented. Therefore, the research team found the results of their findings play an important role in drug development and offer insight into why some people forget or have difficulty retaining information during stressful situations. They found that instead of involving hormones are known to cause stress, cortisol, which flows throughout the body, acute stress actually activate certain molecules called corticotropin releasing hormones (CRH) – that interfere with how the brain collects and stores memories.

The researchers found that blocking the interaction of molecules with the CRH receptor molecules eliminating stress damage to areas involved with learning and memory. The research team revealed that a collection is formed showing the ability to block CRH receptors, and that research can play a role in the formation of the collection based therapy to deal with the loss of learning and memory associated with stress.

Fresh Faces When Sleeping Beauty

“Face you why pillow really does!” Such remarks may often hear to comment on someone who looks like the guy just got up even though it was a shower.

Such conditions are usually reinforced by the dark circles around the eyes, swollen eyelids, eye bags, dull skin and hair a mess.

Break is not enough or sleep less than eight hours is usually the main cause of the creation of the impression of ‘pillow face’. To fix this, try to follow the following trick, as quoted from the pages of Time of India.

Face wash with Cold Water
Wash water in the face with cold water after waking up would make seemingly fresh face and brighten the skin. This cold water constricts blood vessels. This will make the face seem smoother and tighter.

Next, apply a moisturizer that matches your skin character. It is important to prevent dry skin and puffiness in the eye mask.
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Anemia affects lost generation

Know the signs of anemia are weakness, fatigue, lethargy, tired and inattentive, aka 5 L. The incidence of anemia was still quite large. According to Nutritional Anemia prevalence survey (1995) recorded 47.2% (or 17 million people) of the total school-age children in Indonesia suffer from anemia.

Anemia itself is a disease caused by deficiency of hemoglobin levels in the blood. Hemoglobin serves as a carrier of oxygen in the blood to all organs of the body. Oxygen is required for physiological and biochemical processes in each tissue. When blood oxygen deficiency, 5L symptoms, dizziness and decrease appetite. Often times even appearing as the psychological impact of apathy.

According to WHO criteria for anemia is when the hemoglobin level in children under 6 years of age is less than 11 g / dl, while in children over 6 years of age is less than 12 g / dl. To determine levels of hemoglobin must dilakuka blood test. The causes are quite varied, but anemia is a problem for the world is anemia due to lack of iron in the blood or iron deficiency anemia. Continue reading “Anemia affects lost generation”

Ingredients to Make Addiction

Some of the food turned out to contain ingredients that can make people addicted. Without realizing it, a number of favorite foods contain ingredients that make the opiate addictive.

Of course this is dangerous because it can create an uncontrollable appetite and lead to weight gain. What are the ingredients?

sodium nitrite

These chemicals serve to preserve, provide color, and give a sense of the processed meat. Sodium nitrite found in many processed meat products and smoked fish. Not only addictive but also can increase the risk of cancer. So, should reduce the consumption of processed meat.


Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydrozyttoluene (BHT) are antioxidants to prevent the packaged food and greasy smells rancid. This chemical is found in many cereals, chewing gum, potato chips, and vegetable oils. Continue reading “Ingredients to Make Addiction”

Stay Beautiful Despite the sunny

Variety of activities undertaken someone every day of course has its own consequences in some cases. When you go outdoors during the day with the sting of the sun, on the face makeup can be messy.

Appearance is one thing to be taken by a person, especially for women. So you can still look beautiful when I have to move in the summer, there are some tips that can be done. Here are tips for makeup on your face can remain beautiful even outdoor activities.

Mandatory use sunscreen
When you move in a location exposed to the sun, protecting the skin is very important. Because the sun can make your skin causing wrinkles and dark spots. Then, select the appropriate sunscreen. The longer your activity outdoors, choose a sunscreen with SPF are great.

Foundation the right
Do not use a thick foundation. Use only a light so it can emit natural beauty of your skin. Because of the heavy use of foundation in fact be damaged when exposed to sweat, your face can also look different because of it. More precisely choose a lightweight foundation made from minerals. Continue reading “Stay Beautiful Despite the sunny”

First Eco-Friendly Schools in the World

a49f3d7280291_1_V235Bentleigh Secondary College is the first formal educational institution that integrates environmentally friendly lifestyle with the school curriculum. System it makes schools located in the southeastern part of Melbourne, Australia was awarded the Most Environmentally Friendly Education Institutions 2012.

Suters architect firm involved contribution designing environmentally friendly school buildings. In addition to energy-efficient buildings with solar power system, school building also features a green garden, fruit and vegetable gardens, and forests on an area of ​​2,000 square meters.

Students in schools is not only environmentally friendly learning in the classroom. But also can also learn outside the classroom by using instruments and existing green space. On the page, students can learn alternative energy, ecology, microbiology, and chemistry.