Anemia affects lost generation

Know the signs of anemia are weakness, fatigue, lethargy, tired and inattentive, aka 5 L. The incidence of anemia was still quite large. According to Nutritional Anemia prevalence survey (1995) recorded 47.2% (or 17 million people) of the total school-age children in Indonesia suffer from anemia.

Anemia itself is a disease caused by deficiency of hemoglobin levels in the blood. Hemoglobin serves as a carrier of oxygen in the blood to all organs of the body. Oxygen is required for physiological and biochemical processes in each tissue. When blood oxygen deficiency, 5L symptoms, dizziness and decrease appetite. Often times even appearing as the psychological impact of apathy.

According to WHO criteria for anemia is when the hemoglobin level in children under 6 years of age is less than 11 g / dl, while in children over 6 years of age is less than 12 g / dl. To determine levels of hemoglobin must dilakuka blood test. The causes are quite varied, but anemia is a problem for the world is anemia due to lack of iron in the blood or iron deficiency anemia.

Diseases that may arise from this anemia is divided into mild and severe complications. Complications light is pale nails (koilonychia), mouth sores (stomatitis) and atrophy of the tongue papillae. The latter is the apparent absence of pale or nodule on the tongue.

Before experiencing anemia, the child is actually experiencing iron deficiency (ferum), but not visible. Iron has a very big role for labor and pengadan hemoglobin. Not surprisingly, lack of iron (Fe) can cause severe complications, such as impaired child development, cognitive impairment (learning) decrease in muscle function, so people are lazy to do physical activity, and decrease the body’s resistance to illness and infection easily.

One way to overcome anemia is to improve nutritional intake, both in women who are pregnant in order not to give birth to babies who suffer from anemia, as well as for children and toddlers. Keep your diet everyday. Increase your intake of vegetables, fish, eggs and liver and consumption of vitamin and supplement blood booster if necessary.