Fix Your Fortune with ‘Space Clearing’

d83bdd7559537_1_V235One of the efforts of the easiest and least expensive in the Snakes Water Year 2013 is to perform space clearing. So, what is space clearing? How logic in feng shui and how to do it?

Space clearing is a term in the English language that is often used in the realm of feng shui. If simply translated, could mean cleaning the room.

Today, many people who use feng shui, especially in Western countries (America, Europe, and Australia) did attempt to clean the room in order to get a better fortune. They see this technique as one of the most common things done in the world of feng shui.

Space clearing means clearing the room to increase the ‘energy level’. As an analogy, mobile phone battery power will drop and needs to be charged again. So it is with space clearing. Do the cleaning of the room will increase the vitality of the room again.

Because we use a den or bedroom us every day, then we ‘do not know’ how dirty the room that we use. Primarily gather dust under the bed, under the table, on the computer, TV, closet shelves, and so on. All contributed to increase the ‘low’ energy level in the room.

Therefore we need to do cleaning repeatedly. By doing space clearing, then the new energy will be up in the bedroom and our work space.

Keep in mind, clear the room of dust is not enough to sweep and wipe it, but some of the furniture should be rubbed with a certain type of oil to make the surface clean and shiny.

Preferably Early Years
Why space clearing should be done when entering the new year? On February 4, 2013, the planet Jupiter (in feng shui Tai Sui; Chinese Mu Xing), will shift its location to the South. In 2013, the position is in the South-East.

Jupiter orbits the sun for 12 years, while orbiting the earth in a year. Therefore, changing the position of jupiter up to 11 times before it finally arrived at the place of origin in the 12th year. Is the basis for the calculation of Shio.

On February 4, 2014, the position will be just south of jupiter, is the horse. Well, when a shift in the position of Jupiter, jupiter energy waves emitted energy will change the composition of the earth’s surface.
5 Tips to Make Space Clearing:

  1. Plan and prepare a room for cleaning.
  2. Prepare all cleaning tools, including oil or fluid required to scrub the furniture.
  3. Physical and mental preparation before cleaning; addition to prayer or meditation, you must first clean the body.
  4. Listen appropriate music while doing space clearing.
  5. Do not forget to leave doors and windows in the open position when space clearing done.

Now you will feel a new energy in the room that helps increase your luck in 2013. Good luck!