Fresh Faces When Sleeping Beauty

“Face you why pillow really does!” Such remarks may often hear to comment on someone who looks like the guy just got up even though it was a shower.

Such conditions are usually reinforced by the dark circles around the eyes, swollen eyelids, eye bags, dull skin and hair a mess.

Break is not enough or sleep less than eight hours is usually the main cause of the creation of the impression of ‘pillow face’. To fix this, try to follow the following trick, as quoted from the pages of Time of India.

Face wash with Cold Water
Wash water in the face with cold water after waking up would make seemingly fresh face and brighten the skin. This cold water constricts blood vessels. This will make the face seem smoother and tighter.

Next, apply a moisturizer that matches your skin character. It is important to prevent dry skin and puffiness in the eye mask.

Sharpen Eye Makeup
Apply eye cream contains peptides to disguise the swelling in the eyes and reduces dark circles around it. Sharpen also in eye makeup to obscure impression sleepy. The most natural choice, just use eyelash curler and mascara added a bit.

Applying Blush
Blush can make you look more refreshed. Choose a natural color like peach or pink to brighten pale impression of distance. Colors are a little shine will also help. It is also a highlight cheekbones tricks to keep the impression of facial swelling.

Wetting hair in the morning quite help create freshness. Activities in contact with water for longer seems quite effective refresh the body is still tired after getting out of bed in the morning.