Mom Who Work More Productive at the Office

Housewives should not only be at home to take care of children and husbands. Many believe that housewives have special properties that quality if they come back to work.

According to a survey conducted by mobile phone manufacturers O2 said two-fifths or 41 percent of a woman identified as the boss of a mother who can do many things that I can share the good times. A third housewife who works stated more motivated and more focused at work because they have to provide free time after work for family.

A total of 33 percent also stated housewives who work, sense of responsibility increases and dependable in work.

The study was conducted by a company that manufactures mobile phones O2. The phone company, in order to examine the campaign ‘working mums’. The campaign called for women who have had children, keep working.

A total of 4000 female respondents participated in the study. Researchers explore their experiences of maternity leave and return to work.

The purpose of this study was to reveal the best and worst practices. As well as providing fresh insights into the challenges and opportunities facing women today.

Revealed positive results of working mothers. As much as two-fifths or 39 percent stated that their performance in the workplace has improved since having children.

This study coincides with the proposal of the government of the United States to create more flexible working hours for working mothers. As granted leave during pregnancy and supporting family friendly culture.

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