Aneurysm, What and How?

Aneurysm is a condition where there are weak areas and prominent blood vessels. This protrusion can only occur on the inside walls of blood vessels or blood vessels could also make it to be as thin as a balloon. This is a dangerous situation because at times it can be ruptured aneurysm.

Aneurysms in the brain can grow large and may suppress the surrounding brain areas, causing a real nuisance, such as headache, nausea, vomiting, pain or stiffness in the neck, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light. But often are not any symptoms, especially in small aneurysms. Aneurysms are rare under the age of 20 years, usually common in older age.

Some risk factors can facilitate a person to experience an aneurysm, which is high blood pressure, traumatic injury to the head, smoking, alcohol users, who have a family history of aneurysm and other congenital abnormalities such as polycystic kidney. Continue reading “Aneurysm, What and How?”

Hotel Agung Podomoro Glancing Budget

3bba534456838_1_V235PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (APL) targeting the addition of 1,700 hotel rooms by 2014. The rooms are unlocked by building five star hotels and budget hotels in Jakarta and Bali.

Cesar dela Cruz, Director of Finance Agung Podomoro Land said, until now APL has 800 hotel rooms of four existing hotels. “So in the next two years, we will have 2,500 hotel rooms that construction has begun on the now,” Cesar said yesterday.
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Psychosomatic disorders

Psychosomatic disorders can be interpreted as a reaction to the soul on the physical (soma). According to the American Psychosomatic Society (2005), psychosomatic disorders derived from the Greek (Psyche = soul and Soma = physical), so it can be interpreted as a psychosomatic physical and mental relationship. There is a very close relationship between physical factors, faktos psychological, and social to the way a disease.

Psikomatik disorder may be able to answer, “Why can someone have a heart attack after a fight with his boss?, Why rheumatic diseases so much pain when disabling stress?, Why heart disease mortality is influenced by the presence or absence of depression?”

A disease can arise due to many factors. The disease can arise as a result of environmental or social factors. The disease can arise also due to genetic factors and heredity. Various factors will interact with the complex.

Psychological factors can trigger the emergence of a physical disorder, such as sleep disturbances due to anxiety, stress-related neck muscle pain or diarrhea and heartburn caused by fear.
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What is Different Flu and Colds?

We often attacked by both types of the disease, but often it is difficult to distinguish. At the time of illness, often accompanied by pain in swallowing, cough and fever. Is this what is called the flu (influenza) or just a common cold alone?

Basically, give flu symptoms are more severe than the common cold. And we will feel better when you are suffering from flu than a cold. But it’s not an easy way to tell the difference. Therefore, let us distinguish between each one of the symptoms that may occur.

Fever symptoms

Usually flu is often accompanied by a high increase in body temperature with chills, while the runny nose, fever rarely occurs. If anything, the fever just a mild fever.
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Both offices are home

kondominium tom cruiseIt has been more than two decades old, was born in Banyumas, 53 years ago was working in a construction company owned the country. Capitalize diploma Bachelor of Economics, University General Sudirman, Imam Sudiyono, one of whom shall dare to wade buasnya Capital.
His career began as a staff assistant in the Planning Effort PT Wijaya Karya in 1988 ago. And now, the flashy title already on his shoulders, the Director of Finance & HR srbagai PT Wika Realty, a subsidiary of PT Wijaya Karya Tbk.

Father of three sons and the daughter had never been attracted to serve in other companies. “That’s because my office is already regarded as a second home. I already feel at home here,” said the priest told some time ago.

According to Imam, creating an atmosphere like your own home office is not easy. There is a lot of interest coloring the days at the office. But, thanks to some tips and tricks that he run, it becomes more beautiful to do.

“Like at home, there must be a family consisting of the parents and the children. Create a family atmosphere in the office, such as congratulating each other, providing a birthday cake, even for a birthday gift. Moreover, each one of us as well have mutual respect for each other. was the key, “he said to close the conversation casual and warm in the afternoon.

Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases

infectious disease known as infectious diseases. While understanding the medical term is a disease caused by a biological agent (such as viruses, bacteria or parasites), not caused by physical factors (such as burns and trauma impact) or chemical (such as poisoning) that can be transmitted or transmitted through certain media such as air (tuberculosis, Infulenza, and others), places to eat and drink less clean washing (Hepatitis, Typhoid / Types, and others), syringes and blood transfusion (HIV Aids, Hepatitis, and others). While the disease is not contagious illness patients. It is generally caused by: congenital / descent, birth defects due to processing errors, the impact of drug use or consumption of various foods and beverages including smoking, stress conditions that lead to psychiatric disorders.

What Is a Free Radical?

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can invade and destroy healthy cells. Free radicals can come from within the body and the environment.

In the body, every normal cell process that involves oxygen will produce free radicals. Free radicals are very easily attached and attack fat, carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes and DNA.

From the surrounding environment, free radicals can come from:

Air pollution (cigarette smoke, motor vehicle)
Ultraviolet radiation (sunlight, X-rays)
excessive exercise
Toxic ingredients in pesticides, insecticides, paint or furniture material
Fatty foods (processed foods, fried foods, baked)
Alcohol and coffee
excessive stress Continue reading “What Is a Free Radical?”

Want neighbors with Harry Potter?

2ae7307275323_1_V235If you are close to Harry Potter is your dream, then it became one of the occupants of the unit small office home office (SoHo) which is located at 40 Mercer, Manhattan, New York can be your choice. Because the Daniel Radcliffe-starring Harry Potter has recorded one of SoHo units for $ 4, 3 million.

One of the units in the building by Jean Nouvel has also been occupied by Marc Jacobs. Five years ago, the famous designer rented unit equivalent area of ​​2,476 square feet is 230 square meters for USD30.000 per month.

Simply spend USD37.500 per month, you can not only neighboring Radcliffe, but also the opportunity to cross paths with Meg Ryan or LeBron James who also inhabit this building. You interested?

Time to Diet We Do Plastic Bags!

36f0677310714_1_V235Environmentally friendly lifestyle is not only related to plant trees. The use of household materials wisely is also one of the efforts concerned about the preservation of the earth.

According to research carried out by the environmental organization Greeneration Indonesia in 2009, every person in Indonesia annually produce 700 bags of plastic waste. If drawn into a more specific scope, the amount of waste per day of Jakarta reached 6,800 tons per day.

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