Reduce Stress Short-Term Memory

Short-term stress lasting only a few hours can impair brain cell communication in some areas associated with learning and memory abilities. As stated by researchers from the University of California.

Severe stress lasting weeks or months can impair cell communication in the area of ​​learning and memory in the brain, but tersebit studies provide the first evidence that short-term stress has the same effect. The study published in the Journal of Neurosicence.

Stress continues to happen in our lives and can not be circumvented. Therefore, the research team found the results of their findings play an important role in drug development and offer insight into why some people forget or have difficulty retaining information during stressful situations. They found that instead of involving hormones are known to cause stress, cortisol, which flows throughout the body, acute stress actually activate certain molecules called corticotropin releasing hormones (CRH) – that interfere with how the brain collects and stores memories.

The researchers found that blocking the interaction of molecules with the CRH receptor molecules eliminating stress damage to areas involved with learning and memory. The research team revealed that a collection is formed showing the ability to block CRH receptors, and that research can play a role in the formation of the collection based therapy to deal with the loss of learning and memory associated with stress.