Stay Beautiful Despite the sunny

Variety of activities undertaken someone every day of course has its own consequences in some cases. When you go outdoors during the day with the sting of the sun, on the face makeup can be messy.

Appearance is one thing to be taken by a person, especially for women. So you can still look beautiful when I have to move in the summer, there are some tips that can be done. Here are tips for makeup on your face can remain beautiful even outdoor activities.

Mandatory use sunscreen
When you move in a location exposed to the sun, protecting the skin is very important. Because the sun can make your skin causing wrinkles and dark spots. Then, select the appropriate sunscreen. The longer your activity outdoors, choose a sunscreen with SPF are great.

Foundation the right
Do not use a thick foundation. Use only a light so it can emit natural beauty of your skin. Because of the heavy use of foundation in fact be damaged when exposed to sweat, your face can also look different because of it. More precisely choose a lightweight foundation made from minerals.

For powder, do not use products with the brightness of different colors with your skin. Better to use a translucent powder, which is a colorless powder. Because this type of powder will only accentuate the natural light in the face. Although sweating even your face will still look beautiful.

Blusher and eye shadow
In weather like this, you can choose the color blusher and eye shadow of similar or nearly the same. Select also the natural colors, as this will help you look stays fresh but not excessive.

Waterproof Mascara
One of the terrible things that makeup is smudged mascara around the eyes of women. Do not let this happen to you. So, make sure your choice of mascara is a product that is waterproof and sweat.

Vitamin lips
Beauty can be reduced if your lips look dry and unhealthy. Sunlight can also make skin dry lips join. For that, always provide vitamin lip balm in your bag. A healthy lips will make you look perfect.

Unfriendly weather is not an obstacle to keep you looking good. By trying a trick to overcome the obstacles, the activity can be lived to the fullest.